Yusuke TAKAGi was born in1979, based in Yokohama.

He majored in Sociology in Meijigakuin University. After graduating from there in 2005, he`s worked as a freelance photographer and covered Africa and South East Asia focusing on human rights for people living in an edge. After the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, he’s been shooting people and landscapes in Fukushima.Two years after the disaster, he got a son, and he’s decided to start a book project called “Kagerou” for facing the nuclear era.

He’s been working on new project, addiction in Japan.


Human Rights Award in FCCT/OnAsia PHOTO CONTEST 2010

KL INTERNATIONAL PHOTOAWARDS 2012 Portrait Category Finalist

Steidl Book Award In Japan 2016 Long List

Special Prize in FUAM Istanbul photobook festival Dummy award 2017


 2010  “The Prison Called Burma”/ FCCT

 2012  ”Abandoned”/Zen Foto Gallery

 2018  “KAGEROU”/RPS Galllery


Group Exhibition

 2012  “Tohoku - Images of a Disaster” / The Burunei Gallery in London

 2012  “Images of Tohoku”/ FCCT

 2013  “Burma Untold” / forty-five downstairs gallery in Melbourne

 2013  The 6th Jeonju Photo Festival in Korea


 2017  TOKYO Documentary Photo

 2018 "SON BASKI Latest Edition #2" / DAIRE SONAT

 2018 Athens Photo Festival 2018 / VOID

 2018 Obscura Festival / Hin Bus Depot

Book Exhibition

 2017 Istanbul Photobook Festival 2017

 2017 Schwarzer Motang

 2017 Sicily Photobook Festival

 2018 Photobook / NZ

 2018 Photo Bangkok


  2008 Photo Workshop by Garry Knight and Philip Blenkinshop in Cambodia

  2016 Photobook as Object by Yumi GOTO and Jan ROSSEL in Riminders Project Stronghold


  2012  “A Year After Fukushima” for Human Rights Watch

  2012 “Abandonded” by Zen Foto Gallery

  2018 “Kagerou” by AKINA Books