Soma City and Minami-Soma City. Here ancient tradition has deep roots, transmitted from generation to generation, the "Soma Wild Horse Festival" which began with the old Soma clan. The people cultivating this land had been living in complete reliance on the bounty of land and sea.

However, this coast suffered immense devastation from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, then radioactive pollution from the disaster at the nearby nuclear plant. The city has been fragmented into sections and made into the front line against the nuclear radiation. Moreover, before the accident the city received negligible benefit from the plant. All the consequences of our opening of the Pandora's Box of nuclear power has been placed on their account. They are the real victims.

The land has been defiled, information provided has been niggardly, compensation inadequate. People do not know when or whether they can resume their traditions of farming and fishing. Worries over their children, worries over the pollution, worries over the place where they live. People wonder; "Are we the subjects of an human experiment?". Eventually they cannot avoid becoming distrustful. Treated Like pawns in a game, the abandoned people.

They do not yet know whether they were right to remain here.

However, these people who stayed, or were left behind,  grimly go on living, protecting their land, maintaining their culture and traditions, as though testifying to their unspoken resistance. 

Immense dignity clothed in sorrow. We must not regard them as living in a land unfit for humans. I for one will carry this thought with me, and shall continue to honour these people in my work.