Fukushima as a frontier.

Fukushima as a place providing food, labour and electricity.

Fukushima as a place where people are terrified with fear of radiation and are looked as a criminal and where family and region are torn apart.

The coast of Fukushima Prefecture was devastated by the gigantic earthquake and massive tsunami. The area has been severely affected by radiation from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant. I visited Minami-Sioma city which was totally divided in late March. The coastal side was completely ruined. The area within 20 kilometers from the plant has become an exclusion zone and a high level of radiation was detected in east side of the city. Most of the people took refuge in another prefecture, but some people remained there after the explosions of the plant.

Traditionally, people in this region work hard and live a simple life with relatives and neighbors. A rich mix of culture and tradition remains vibrant today, the 600 year old Soma-Nomaoi festival in Soma with and Minami-Soma city, which were foremely the domain of Som. I felt I should record them at a time when their culture and tradition are crisis.

There are a variety of reasons why they remain in this region. Fisherman and farmers don`t want to leave their palace of work. Daily farmers want to live with their livestock. Some people don`t want to leave their home and land and some people can`t leave because of health or economic problems. I shot those people in Soma and Minami-Soma in the months following late March.

In the present situation, their future is murky indeed. The plant is still unstable and evacuation area might be extended in the future, and besides, local industry such as fishing, farming, cultivation, and tourism have been devastated by the radiation. In addition, nobody knows when they can restart these activities. But people in this region don`t give in and they have been silently fighting revival.

I hope people can imagine the life of these people and their future.