"How many years can some people exist before they`re allowed to be free"

"How many times can  a man turn his head, pretending he just doesn`t see?"

Blowin` In The Wind by Bob Dylan

For nearly fifty years, Burma`s people have endured a brutal military dictatorship. With just a few day to go before what is widely expected to be a rigged national elecgtion, Burma`s generals continue to oppress the population, enriching themselves and their friends by robbing their country`s national wealth.

Any criticism of Burma`s rulers and their cronies is met with a swift and often brutal response. Peaceful protest are violently crushed and Burma`s countryside, home to the country`s ethnic minorities remains a giant shooting range where civilians are routinely shot and killed with alarming frequency.

Although Burma`s democratic opposition the National League for Democracy is officially banned and its leader Aung San Suu Kyi jailed, there are still many in Burma sho continue to defy Senior General Than Shwe. they are politicians, activist, poets, lawers, journalists, monks and comedians.

There are presently more than 2100 political prisoners jailed across the country. those released are kept under close surveillance and along with theri frineds and family frequently harassed by military inteligence. One former political prisoner, currently exiled in Thailand told me that those political prisoners lucky enough to be released "still remain in a giant prison called Burma".